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You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Which way…

In life there are moments where you find yourself at a crossroad, a turning point, the winds of change are blowing and change you must.  Sometimes what appears to be a small adjustment evolves into something much bigger, some crossroads are bigger than others and every decision you make has an impact.  What you do triggers a series of events that will determine what unfolds, the direction you take is up to you, you have an opportunity to embrace this change, to make this change be what you want it to be.  You have the opportunity to explore what this is all about, to see the possibilities and the potentials in what you can do.  

Notice what you are attracted to, what is calling you, what urges rise within you, what it is you really want to happen.  Notice what rises within you, see what you can create, what you are comfortable doing, what sits with you.  Think about what it means if you go in this direction, notice what you will be moving away from.  Think about what you happy with, what brings you contentment and what doesn’t, see the changes you can make and see what’s possible.  The direction you take is up to you, the choices you make are up to you, you have the power to make a difference in your life.  

When you find yourself at a crossroad, embrace the opportunity this gives you, it will remind you of what is important to you, what really matters.  It will remind you that you are somebody, that you have something to bring this direction.  It will remind you that there is only one you, you are unique and only you can do what you do they way you do it.    You have gifts, you have abilities, you have strengths, and you are innovative, you have resilience.  Open up to possibilities that exist around this, see the potential within you, and see what you can achieve.     

Explore what your life can be, explore where you want it to be, explore what is important to you, you have the power to make a difference in your life.  You may find you have more options than you realise, you may find more possibilities exist here at this crossroads, here in this choice.  It is your choice, think about the decision you are making and where it will take you, and if you still can’t decide what to do, decide to do it all and just begin at the beginning.  

Each decision you make is the right decision to make, that is why you make it, there are no wrong choices, everything you do is for the experience it gives you.  Seeing the potential in what is unfolding and being curious about what your life presents you with will lead you to where you belong.  Where this takes you is up to you, how you experience what you are experiencing is up to you, embrace this turning point, follow what you are attracted to and allow this attraction to lead to do what is right for you.  

You are unique, only you can be you, and only you can do what you do the way you do it.  This is your life, it is a living expression of who you are, and only you can live it.  So here in this crossroad, you have choices, do what is right for you at this moment in time.  Know this the right choices for this moment in time and it is leading you to where you belong, it is leading you to who belongs there with you and leading you to what you belong doing.    

Love your life and life will love you back.  


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