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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Life is a work in progress

It’s a work in progress…

Life comes in cycles and it’s a work in progress, priorities change, some things become more important as we evolve and some things we thought important don’t seem to matter as much anymore.  Momentum ebbs and flows, sometimes it feels like time is flying by and at other times we feel like nothing is happening.  Motivation comes and goes, at times we feel like we can achieve greatness and other times we feel like we can’t go on, sometimes we lose sight of our purpose.  Life is a work in progress and sometimes we forget to enjoy it.  

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves we can be so unforgiving that we become critical to the point it’s crippling and so comparative that we feel like we are failing. This too will pass, as it has before and as it will again, it’s a cycle, a work in progress and all part of the process of becoming who we are becoming.  Eventually you will get back on track creating what you want to create as somewhere deep within there is a seed of thought, a light beginning to glow again, an inspiring sense you feel growing brighter by the day until you remember who you are and what you are about. 

Who you are is a child of the universe and the universe is always supporting you, even though at times you may not feel it, there is always that light within that motivates you back into action.  Life comes in cycles and sometimes we forget to enjoy them.  So get back on that bike, give it go and see how it flows, little by little you will pick yourself up, little by little you will find your rhythm again and little by little you will feel supported.  You’ll remember what you can do, that you are able to achieve what may feel like great feats when you put your mind to it and you will begin to have faith in yourself and faith in your life again, because life can be tough but you are tougher.  

What is yours will come to you, you will attract it just by just being you but you have to remember who you are, know yourself, identify what is important to you, what you need to stay on track, what supports you, connect with your truth.  What you truly desire you will manifest, though it may not come the way you thought or it may not come when you thought it would, but it will come one way of another because what is yours will be yours and all you need do is remember who you are.  

Life comes in cycles, where you are at in your life cycle is where you are meant to be, if you are going through a cycle of great change know that you are up for the challenge, connect with yourself and believe in what you are doing because where you are is where you are meant to be to get to where you are going.  You are here for the experience it is giving you, this experience is evolving you into who you are becoming and everything you have experience so far is for the experience it gave you.  You are a master of your own destiny and whatever is happening right now, whatever is happening around you right now, whatever life is presenting you with right now, you have it within you to master it, everything life presents you with you can master.  

Love yourself living the life you are living no matter how challenging it may be, love how you are living it, love how you do what you do living it, life is a work in progress, what is yours will be yours, this is where you belong, right here in it.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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