We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

Divine design

You are divine…

You are divine, there is design to your life and you designed it for the experience of being here living it.  You are here in this existence to grow and evolve through everything that presents in your life, to grow and evolve through every that occurs in your life, what you experience is for the experience of it.  

When opportunity knocks at your door, it easy to see it as fateful and the pull of attraction is what motivates you into action as you can see the design that exists in your life.  It doesn’t feel random, it feels connected, you feel connected and you witness the synchronicity that takes place as you embrace the opportunity you are presented with.  

When things don’t go to plan, when there are upsets in your flow, when challenges arise, it may be quite difficult to feel like it’s destiny, you may struggle to see why this is happening, to see the design that exists in your life.    

If everything is predetermined and inevitable as the suggestion that there is a design to your life would indicate, then every action you take, you are destined to take, otherwise you wouldn’t have taken it.  It must be a part of what you have chosen to experience and it must be the right action to take for the circumstances you are experiencing.  If you have chosen to experience this, it is a part of your evolution as a soul.  So the disappointments and challenges as well as the events that bring excitement and joy to your life, are all a part of the design that exists in your life.  You have chosen to evolve through each experience for the experience it gives you.  Even if you doubt the actions you take, this doubt or lack of confidence is a part of the design as well, and are there so you can master them and evolve your self empowerment.  If you choose to act from this lack of confidence or doubt, then all you will attract is more doubt and your confidence will not grow.  

If you perceive limitations in the choices you are making, you must have chosen to experience this perception and therefore this is something you can master.  You can evolve through the perception of limitation to acceptance of the experience itself,  so then youcan do something about it.  Accepting where you are at and what you are perceiving,  allows realisation to flow, and you can begin to change what you want to change.   Acting from a position of limitation is not how to evolve through each experience and will only attract more perceptions of limitation.  

If you assign blame, or feel guilt and regret about what is happening, the assigning of blame, the feelings of guilt or regret would also be a part of the experience itself and therefore something you can grow from.  Accepting what you are feeling and allowing the realisations that accompany what you are feeling, is how you evolve through what the experience itself, it’s how you move through what is happening.  Acting from a position of blame, guilt or regret, will only attract more blame, guilt or regret. 

So if you believe in fate and destiny, if you realise everything you are experiencing is what you are destined to experience so you evolve, you will embrace all life presents you with.  This is your life, it is up to you what you do with it.    Life is to be experienced, choose to live your life confidently and have faith in yourself, for you have divinely designed this life for the experience of living it. Only you can be you, only you experience what you experience through your perception of it, you are divine and this is life is your divinely designed by you.

Be inspired by what you do.