We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

Be yourself

You are enough…

“I can’t bring you anything but myself, I hope that’s enough…”

Feelings of lack, of not being enough, can stop you participating in your life, can stop you making the most of the opportunities life presents you with.  If you are experiencing feelings of not being enough, whatever enough is, or not having enough, you bring you, because you might just surprise yourself.   

If there is a little voice inside you, your inner critic, telling you, you can’t possibly participate, you can’t possibly join in, you can’t possibly go to, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  Life is to be lived, to be experienced, and this occasion, this happening, is presenting in your life for you to explore where it takes you.

Of-course there could be a culture involved, where you perceive an expectation of what is required like “I can’t go empty handed”, or “I’m not talented enough”, or “I’m not interesting enough” or even “this is out of my league”.  Just because you perceive an expectation, doesn’t mean that expectation exists, often what we think others are expecting of us, isn’t what is happening.   

How about considering what you would like, rather than you not having enough, how about considering who you are, rather than if you are interesting enough. If this something you really want, if is this something you really want to do, you will do it, enough or not.  Let the desire to go, or the desire to do, be stronger than your perceived limitations, because you are enough.   See what potentials in what life is presenting you with, see where this could evolve into, and allow the pull of attraction be so great that you forget whether you are enough or have enough, and allow yourself to enjoy where you find yourself, in this experience of exploring where this may take you.   

“I can’t bring anything but myself, I hope that’s enough…” 

It is you, your involvement, your personality, or your talents that is required here.  It is you, your experience, your awareness, your compassion, or your love and commitment, that is required here.  You are invited to be involved for who you are, and who you are is exactly what is needed here in the is occasion, here in this friendship or here in this relationship.  You are invited to be involved for you who are, here in this opportunity that is presenting in your life, and you are enough just the way you are.  

 Appreciating your involvement, appreciating you have attracted this involvement because you being involved is what is needed.  Everything you experience, you contribute to and every experience is evolving you into who you are becoming.  Seeing each life event as an opportunity to evolve, who you are evolving into, who you want to be, is a gift to master.   See each life event as an opportunity to create, to create what you want to create, to experience what you want to experience, is a gift to master.   

Appreciating what you have achieved, what you have already experienced and evolved through, what life has taught you, will help you see you are enough.  Remember what is important to you, what matters most to you, what you value most in your life, and see the opportunity you are presented with.  Remember what you value most about your life, and believe in you, because this is an opportunity to explore who you are, and where you belong.  Remember what you believe in, what you believe about yourself, what you believe your life is about, and explore the opportunities your life presents you with.

You are where you find yourself, in any given moment, because that is exactly where you are meant to be, why else would you be there?  In any given moment, you can become conscious of what you are feeling, and get to know yourself more completely in that moment, through what you are experiencing.  Let to pull of attraction be stronger that any limitation you may perceive, because you are enough, you are unique, you contribute, you matter.    

Be inspired by who you are.