My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

You can’t hide…

No matter how you hide, how you to turn away from your truth, your unique self still calls to you, stirs within you and beckons you back to who you are.  It is the restlessness you feel, the questions you have, the desires that keep resurfacing, it is what calls to you to become, to create, to begin living your truth again.   

You can’t hide from yourself, eventually you will find yourself wanting, you will find yourself longing for, yearning for, a something.  Something will be missing, you will feel it, what is missing is you, you are missing you.  Sometimes life gets the way, and we lose sight of who we are, of our truth, of what we want, of what really matters.  When you lose your way, you are still there, you are still you, you’ve just forgotten who you are.

You are wonderfully unique, only you can be you, but sometimes you will forget who you are, sometimes you will need to slow down, to reflect on who you have become, to reconsider and realign with your truth, with what you believe, with who you know you really are.  Sometimes something shifts within you so you begin to feel differently, it comes in waves, waves of awareness and awakens you to your truth, you can begin to live your truth again.  This is your life, it is up to you what you do with it, it isn’t up to anyone else to make it happen for you, you are the only one who can create the life you really want to live.  

You can’t hide from yourself, you are you, you are where you are to see who you are.  You are you, because you are meant to be you, and you are here for the experience of being you.  Life is about recognising who you are through what you experience, life is about remembering and reconnecting to your truth, with what matters most to you, so you can be happy.  When you are happy, others are too.   

Only you can be you, only you know who you really are, only you know what you really want, only you experiences what you experience through your eyes.  It’s not about being someone else, it’s about being the true you, in all your glory, it’s about being passionate about who you are.  When you are passionate about who you are, you will be passionate about the life you are creating. You are meant to be you, the world needs you to be you, you are meant to live the way you want to, because it is what you have come here to do.  

We are all so talented, just imagine if we all embraced who we know we are, and believed in what is possible, this world would be a different place, the uncertainty and insecurity that divides us, would no longer exist.  You are you for this purpose, you are you because this is who you are meant to be, you are you because you are meant to do what you do, the way you do it.  

You can’t hide from yourself, it is the time now to be who you know you are, to live your truth, to live the life you came here to live, to live the way you want to live. You can’t hide from yourself, this is who you were born to be, don’t be afraid to be you, believe in what is possible, believe in what you are about, and know that you matter, because you are you.   

You can create a life you are happy with, a life you are content living, a life where you feel free to be you, where you believe in who you are and what you do.  Begin to live your truth again, and see the possibilities that exist in your life.  

Be inspired by who you know you are. 


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