Just imagine if we all were brave enough to embrace our uniqueness and believe in our potential…

You have a great idea

Your great idea…

You have a great idea, it’s been with you a while slipping quietly into your consciousness, sitting there within you and rising every so often, perhaps more frequently these days, to remind you it is possible.  You have a great idea,  the winds of change are blowing and they taste of new beginnings, this excites you when you entertain it, you are inspired by it, you have a great idea and you know it.  You also know it’s going to be challenging, you will have to back yourself as your confidence grows, you have a great idea and you know it.  

Idea’s come and go but those that stay with you are the ones that become a reality, you manifest them into being by what you do with them.  They begin with a feeling, the feeling is the seed of this new beginning, it’s the birth of the idea.  This is the idea that keeps showing up even when you are distracted by whatever is happening in your life, time passes but the idea is still there, you have a great idea and you know it.

This is the idea that you keep coming back to, this is the idea you really want to do something with, this is the idea you entertain yourself with and it is growing on you.  How it grows is up to you, it will depend on how committed you are and you will have to invest yourself into it, you will have to remain loyal to it and you will have to prove you are worthy of it.  This is how you make your investment pay off, you invest your time and effort into creating what you want to do with it, you invest in what you are doing and you invest in you because this is the idea you keep coming back to and it inspires the greatness within you.    

You are up for the challenge it brings, new beginning are uncomfortable, you are stepping out of your comfort zone, the doubts that arise will need to be conquered and you will need to believe in yourself.  You will need to invest in your idea, you will need to invest in you.  You may feel like an imposter until you master what you are doing, practise makes perfect, though perfection is not what you are aiming for, the practise of doing is mastery.  You will need to walk your talk, follow through and your confidence will grow, the more your journey into this idea, the more you do with it, the more secure you will feel about it.  

If you believe in what you are doing, if this is something you see yourself doing, if this is what appeals to you, then you have a glimpse of what is possible and this glimpse is what you are investing in.  If you believe in what you are doing you will do what you have to do to make this your reality, you will master your fears, you will become who you see yourself being.  Remember how able you are, how resilient you are, how innovative you are and you will find a way to do what you want to do.  You will find the courage to continue creating because this is the investment you are making, you are investing in yourself and you are investing in this idea because it inspires the greatness within you.   

You have vision, you can see, remember what you want, remember why you want it and remember who you are.  You are able, you are worthy of this idea, it is worth investing in, you are worth investing in, so how about it, maybe now it’s time, maybe now you are ready and maybe now you’ll do it.

Love your life and life will love you back.