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There is design to your life.

Making peace with your past…

Accepting the past and taking ownership of your role in what unfolded, realising how you contributed to what unfolded can be quite confronting, but where there in this realisation is wisdom.  The past, good or bad is still a part of who you are, what you experienced then evolved you into who you have become.  There is a design to your life, a reason why you experience what you experience, and finding the wisdom in the experience itself will liberate you.   

Taking ownership of your past and your involvement in what went down, will help you process what you are feeling, when your past visits you the present day.  There is a design to your life when your past comes calling, there is a reason you are being reminded of where you’ve been, you are also reminded of how far you have come.  You haven’t recreated the past, the past is in the past, you are no longer the person you were, because of your past, but you may be revisiting your past because there is something more to be discovered here now in the present.  You have experience now, you are wiser because of what you experienced in your past, and you can use that wisdom now in this situation.  

Maybe in this situation, a behaviour has been triggered that reminds you of how you behaved in the past, and that in itself is a realisation.  Having this realisation will see you better positioned to handle the situation differently this time.  Maybe in this situation you are being reminded you of where you have been, what you have experienced, so you realise how much you have changed, how much you have grown and evolved, and how self-assured you are now.  Maybe this time you will believe in yourself and have the confidence to do what you couldn’t do last time.  Maybe this time you will remember who you are, how valuable you are and what you value most, and begin to see the value in you being you, because only you can do what you do the way you do it.  You are the only person who has experienced what you have experienced through your eyes, so this experience is unique to you, which makes you uniquely you, and only you can be you. 

 See your past as a fateful occurrence, like when your paths cross with someone from your past, when you see them where you wouldn’t expect them to be, it feels like fate.  When you cross paths with your past, notice how you feel, explore what it is you are feeling.  Don’t be afraid of the past, you can learn so much about yourself through how you react, through the reaction of revisiting the past, in whatever circumstance that may be. 

If the past is haunting you, if you can’t stop thinking about a situation, revisit the situation and see where it takes you, you might realise what you are missing.  

If you can’t stop thinking about a person, revisit what they represented in your life at that time, explore where that takes you, you might realise it’s not them you are missing, but who you though they were.  Sometimes it’s the idea of what they represent is what is unfinished, not complete and coming to this realisation will helps you trust what you are feeling.  

Know what is meant to be, will be, and there is a reason why you feel what you feel even though you may not know what that reason is, yet. 

You are a living part of what you are experiencing, of what you have experienced, and you can trust and believe there is a reason why you have experienced what you have.  

Only you are you, only you experience what you experience through your eyes, only you can be you, only you do what you do the way you do it, you are unique and your experience is unique to you.

Be inspirational.



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