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You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Be your own person...

Your unique self…

We all have a uniqueness about us, our own way of being, our own way of doing what we do and it’s what makes us standout energetically.  This energetic magnetism is noticeable and attracts people, opportunities and situations into your life.  Having an awareness of your own uniqueness, your self-identity, honours your creativity, your self-expression and the progress you are making in your life.    

Opportunities exist around you all the time, doing things differently and embracing new ideas will help you be excited about the life you are busy creating.  If you want to be seen, to be acknowledged for your own uniqueness, you have to own it, acknowledging your self-identity will give you the confidence to be yourself and when you allow yourself to be yourself, you feel good about life.  When you are yourself, your are confident, you shine without having to compete with others, you don’t shy away from what you love, you aren’t afraid to be seen. 

Sometimes we get stuck in our head, stuck in a pattern of thinking that makes it quite challenging to open to our own potential and not seeing our potential stops us from progressing in life, sometimes we need to get out of our own way.  It may be time to do things differently, it may be time to see where you are stagnating, it may be time to embrace your truth and admit something needs to change.   It may be time to consciously work on how you feel about you, how you see yourself and identify what you find interesting about being you and what it means to you to live a good life.  When you feel good about yourself you see the possibilities that exist around you and life somehow becomes easier, how you feel influences your mood and your mood sets the tone of your day.  If you’d like your day to feel better, think of something that is unique about you, something you like about yourself and work that into what you are doing, consciously shift yourself out of your mood.  

Seeing your value, seeing the value in what you are doing, will help you move confidently through whatever is presenting in your life, and as you move through what you are experiencing know this experience too, is valuable.  You are evolving, you are growing, changing, transforming into who you will become, be aware of your impact, how you are interacting in your world, be conscious about what you are doing and why you are doing it, you are important and this time is valuable.  This is your life,  how you live it is up to you, it is unique to you as only you have been where you have been, only you have seen what you have seen.  When you see the value in the experience life has given you, you see the value in being you.  

You are unique, you have a unique point of view, only you see through your eyes, it is how you see things creates your reality, how you think about what you are doing affects how you feel and how you feel sets the tone of your day.  Your perception is made up of what you know to be true, of what you have experienced in the past, both this life and others, of your beliefs, what you believe about yourself.  Your self-identity is made up of your truth, and you radiate when you feel good, when you love what you are doing, when feel purposeful, when you honour your creativity.  Let your light shine, do what feels right, do what feels good, you are energetically magnetic, be your own person and see how easily life flows when you are yourself, your life is progressing.  

Love life and life will love you back.


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